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Server Uptime Monitor Software

Monitoring Server Status

The domain names have been added to the Domain Name List in previous video demo, you can now start monitoring the web server now.

There are now two web servers in the Domain Name List in this demo.

To start monitoring the web servers, let's select the Monitoring Interval, for example, 30 minutes.

Click on the Check button to start monitoring the web servers.

The Uptime Status of the web servers will be shown under the Status Column.

UP means Server Up. DOWN means erver Down.

The overview status of the web servers is showing in the Status Panel.

You can always change the Server Monitor Interval by pressing the Stop button. Then select another Monitor Interval. This is really easy.

Website Uptime Monitor Video Demo - Monitoring Server Status

website monitor software video demo display here. Update your flash player to see this software video demo.

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