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Hosting Plan Cost Analyser

Single Plan Mode

Let's see what the Simple Mode of Web Hosting Costing Analyser can do for you.

You are going to enter the hosting plans manually. For Corporate Version, your visitors and customers can select plans from your web server directly. Please see abother flash demo for more details.

Enter the information of your Dedicated Weeb Server of Reseller Plans.

Next, enter the information in the SELL column. Reseller Plan if the BUY side is Dedicated Web Server. Shared Hosting Plan if the BUY side is Reseller Account.

In this demo, we assume that you have a Web Hosting Reseller Account. Therefore you should enter the shared hosting plan to the SELL column.

The result will be shown immediately.

This is the MAXIMUM accounts you can create with this hosting plan.

This is the basic cost of a web hosting plan.

This is the profit of a web hosting plan.

This is the MAXIMUM profit with this web hosting plan.

You can find important information from the Comparison frame.

You find that the MAXIMUM number of hosting accounts are limited by the bandwidth.

In this example. You waste a lot of resources on the storage space of your Hosting Reseller Account. You should provide more generous web storage space with this hosting plan. Let's increase the storage space, for example, from 20 MB to 200 MB.

Look! The profit of your Web Hosting Reseller Account will not be decreased by increasing the storage space of this hosting plan.

You can find a lot of interesting things with this Hosting Cost Analyser Program. Please explore by yourself with fun.

Web Hosting Plans Costing Analyser Video Demo - Single Plan Mode

website monitor software video demo display here. Update your flash player to see this software video demo.

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