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eNom Domain Reseller Account Price List

We are offering the lowest wholesale prices for eNom Domain Reseller Accounts in the market. Actually this is almost the costing of domains, we are only getting a very small profit.

Our eNom Domain Reselles can register domains at these lowest wholesale prices as shown in the following price list:

.com $9.25 $9.15 $9.05
.net $10.85 $10.75 $10.22
.org $9.85 $9.75 $9.65
.info $10.05 $9.95 $9.85
.biz $10.05 $9.95 $9.85
.us $10.15 $9.85 $9.65
.ca $14.85 $14.65 $14.45
.tel $10.85 $10.65 $10.45

*All domain prices above are per year.

*Domain prices are subjected to change according to adjustment of ICANN/Verisign

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Domain Resellers Membership Structure

We offer 3 levels of membership to all Domain Resellers, namely Free, Silver and Gold. A free membership require no any fee but it still enjoy the lowest eNom domain prices. If you wish to enjoy rock bottom domain prices, you may consider upgrade to Silver or Gold membership at a very small annual fee. The membership fee will very soon be covered after registering some domains.

Membership Annual Member Fee Special Offer
Free Free -
Silver $2.00 -
Gold $3.00 $5.00 for Life

* To avoid creating huge amount of inactive eNom accounts, an one time eNom account setup fee $0.50 is required for upgrading to Free Membership. This setup fee is just enough to cover the PayPal transaction fee. Actually no money goes to our pocket.

Promotional Offer (New Members Only):
Upgrade to Gold membership today at $5.00 only for life. Yes, you get a Gold membership for one price, no more annual fee, and no time limit. Special offer ends any time! First come first serve based.

You can upgrade your membership any time and start enjoying the rock bottom domain prices.


  • Upgrade will give you one year membership of that level. For example, if you upgrade from Silver to Gold on Nov 15, 2012. Your Gold membership will be expired on Nov 15, 2013. The remaining number of days of your Silver membership will not be counted.
  • Renewal will extend your membership for one year. For example, the expiry date of your Gold membership is Dec 12, 2012. If you renew on Nov 15, 2012, the next expiry date of your Gold membership will extend to Dec 12, 2013.